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Business Migration

Google Apps Business Edition provides businesses with unlimited users and expanded functionality.  Businesses that need email accounts will find this edition meets their needs.  A comparison between the editions is listed here: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/pricing.html 

HourlyCIO Business Migration will perform the following services: 
  • Create Google Apps Business domain utilizing the preferred domain and Managed by HourlyCIO
  • Create the Google Apps domain administrator user
  • Verify domain ownership via Google Apps required validation
  • Provide admin access to an identified person for user creation
  • Train admin user to create users and groups
  • Schedule time for migration of mail flow from legacy system to Google Apps (DNS MX records)
  • Test and validate mail flow to Google apps
  • Provide instructions on how to access Google Apps and configuration of mail clients

The above tasks would be completed in approx 1 hour.  

Requirements for successful migration:
  • DNS server identification and access for validation and MX record modification
  • Administrative user identification from client
  • Identification of all email addresses used for domain from the client

All items are covered in the Migration cost as outlined above.   Items such as email data migration into Google, user creation, group creation, site creation, etc are not covered in the service.  Additional fees may be added to cover additional items as discussed and added as additional services.

Pricing for this service is located in the Store - Migrations located : Store - Accounts