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2012 Postini Migration to Google Apps

Google will be migrating Positni services to the more robust Google Apps Architecture in 2013. 

What Does the Transition Mean?

Basically it means that our clients who currently use the Standalone version of Postini in conjunction with their Google Apps for Business domain or clients who use Postini Services in conjunction with their mail server such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes etc, will no longer be utilizing the Postini Administrative Console interface to manage Google Message Security, Google Message Discovery or Google Message Encryption services. With this transition to Google Apps, you can receive similar email security, protection, and archiving, but through the more robust Google Apps service. As noted, Google Apps also works with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, so you don’t need to switch to Gmail. Commencing in 2013 our clients will be able to manage these service capabilities via the Google Apps for Business administrative dashboard. It should be noted that a significant number of these capabilities are available now in Google Apps. Google Message Security (anti-virus and anti-spam protection) management capabilities (including domain routing management) are now available in Google Apps, as is Google Message Discovery (archiving) via Google Vault, but we will expound upon these management features in later Blog entries. Right now we will focus on the Transition phase that is being scheduled.

How and When Do We Get Transitioned?

The customer’s Postini services will be converted as follows:

  • Postini Product —> Transitions to Google Apps Product
  • Google Message Security —> Google Apps for Business
  • Google Message Discovery —> Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Vault
  • Google Message Encryption —> Google Apps for Business plug-in

Google will begin the transition process for customers with contracts expiring on and after November 1, 2012. At your next renewal date, Google will start your transition from your Postini service to Google Apps.

At least 60 days before the end of your Postini services contract:

Google will send you detailed information about the transition process and the Google Apps email security features

You’ll receive a new agreement that continues your Postini service until your Google Apps migration, and also provides you Google Apps at the same price as your Postini service

The first transition notifications are being sent to customers whose renewal dates are November 1, 2012 or later. If your renewal date is between August 15 and October 31, 2012, you’ll receive the standard Postini renewal agreement, and we will contact you with information about the transition in 2013.
If you do not want to transition to Google Apps: Google will include instructions to follow, and your Postini service will terminate at your contract end date.

You are not required to make any changes to your Postini service or sign up for a Google Apps account.
Your Postini service will continue as usual until your migration begins. Google will be in touch at least 60 days before your renewal date.

Some Important Observations

Gmail also has comprehensive virus protection. Like Postini, Gmail utilizes two virus filtering engines for all messages. By default, Gmail also blocks all executable attachments which significantly minimizes the vectors attackers can use to infect a user. Additionally, Gmail provides increased protection against phishing-based attacks and messages containing URLs that point to malicious sites.
* One of the basic principles of the Gmail spam filtering system is that it responds to input from the user about what is spam or not. Gmail does not require explicit interaction by the user to manually adjust thresholds or add approved or blocked senders. As the user marks or unmarks messages as spam, Gmail customize filtering behavior for those types of messages.
Google Message Encryption features are being integrated directly with Google Apps so they no longer require the Postini outbound feature for routing encrypted messages. We expect the new version of message encryption features to be delivered in Q4 2012.The Google Message Encryption service will continue to be available for Google Message Security and Google Message Discovery until the customer migrates to Google Apps. Once the customer migrates, they will have access to the message encryption features will Google Apps.
* We have recently observed there are a number of Postini competitors reporting mis-information pertaining to Google’s announcement to transition from Postini. Rest assured this intended transition has been researched and developed so that the client experience from both a management and user perspective is “next generation” .  Here are “some” of the notable improvements:
Updated admin interface with support in 27 languages.Unbounded approved and blocked sender lists. Approved sender controls that don’t create holes in spam filtering.Spam quarantine accessible via IMAP, directly in end users’ mail client.”No touch” end user controls – Apps customizes spam filtering based on how users mark and unmark spam messages.30 day spam quarantine.Ability to activate end-user mailbox in case of spooling event.Custom controls for managing objectionable content and inappropriate language.Real policy inheritance in child organizations.Ability to restrict communications to only approved correspondents.Rich HTML compliance footers. Ability to have multiple footers attached to outbound messages based on different message filters.Ability to re-write message recipients and re-route messages.Ability to remove attachments from messages that violate policy.Ability to specify content rules based on message envelope information.Ability to create arbitrary routes or smarthosts based on message attributes.DKIM signing of all outbound messages.
Filters for objectionable content and inappropriate language.Restrict communications to only approved correspondentsAccess to cloud-based services from Google Apps Marketplace that work with Google Apps.

Stay tuned for more informative announcements on Google Vault and Google Filter/Domain Routing features!